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About Houston Artists


Houston Artists was started to help the art community in Houston. Seeing all of the work in galleries around Houston, we were amazed at how talented the Houston art community is! We want to see the art community in Houston thrive and become one of the biggest and most supportive. With all of the talented artists in Houston and its surrounding areas, there is definitely no doubt that Houston's art scene cannot grow much more. Houston will grow its art community and that is why we are here.

Our goal is to have a platform to connect the artists in Houston. We have a forum here on our website, a Discord server for artists to interact and get to know each other, challenges to bring out the creativity of our artists, and even virtual art shows where art pieces can be purchases online!

We are here to help the community grow in whatever way we can. Seeing Houston's art scene as a Computer Science major, the idea of Houston Artists began. Finding several methods to get Houston artists to interact has been our goal. We have several ideas in mind for Houston's art community! This is just the beginning, with this website where local artists and art collectors may interact.

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