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Virtual Art Show Submission

By submitting pieces into our virtual art shows, you agree to receive 80% of profit each piece sold. The remaining 20% will be used to cover transaction fees and to keep the website up and running for the community to enjoy this online space.

You also agree to follow through with your preferred method of delivery. If you are meeting the buyer in person, then you two must get in contact to set up a meeting time. If you are shipping the piece, be sure to add your estimated shipping cost to your price to cover any shipping fees.

As soon as the show goes live, anyone will be able to purchase the pieces. The payment to the artists will be distributed after proof of delivery is shown. For a piece shipped, a tracking number of the order is sufficient proof. For a piece handed in-person, the artist/purchaser must show a picture with the piece delivered or a signed invoice by the customer.

If an art piece from an artist that has "meet" as their preferred delivery method and a customer outside of Houston that requires the piece to be shipped places the order, this order may be cancelled.

You must also share the HoustonArtists Instagram account and the art show in order to have your pieces live in the virtual art show. This is to help grow the traffic so there could be a higher chance your art may sell.

Artists may submit up to 6 pieces.

You may copy the following template and send an email to

- First Name: 

- Last Name: 

- Phone: 

- Artist Name: 

- Instagram: 

- Facebook: 

- Twitter: 

- Website: 

- Preferred Payment: Venmo/PayPal/CashApp/Zelle

- Number of Pieces: 

​Repeat the following 6 points for every piece submitted:

- Title:

- Size:

- Medium:

- Paint:

- Description:

- Price:

- Preferred Delivery Method: Ship/Meet

- If meeting, you and the purchaser must figure out where to meet.​

- If shipping, you may include the estimated shipping cost in your pricing to cover the cost to ship.

Image titles must match titles written in the submission form.

Thanks for submitting!
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